Glassdoor Enhancements Aim to ‘Organize’ Job Search

Glassdoor Mobile Apps

Glassdoor introduced a range of enhancements for both employers and candidates. Among them is a candidate messaging feature that allows companies to connect with job seekers through the its applicant management system.

Glassdoor also revamped its Employer Center, which serves as its hub for talent acquisition teams, to simplify navigation between posting jobs, responding to reviews and tracking brand reputation. In addition, nested and affiliated profiles help companies provide more context for units of large organizations.

.@Glassdoor launched a candidate messaging feature that allows companies to connect with seekers through the its applicant management system. #HR #HRTech #Recruiting Share on X

For candidates, Glassdoor’s new tools include Company Compare, which allows users to compare at one time the work environments of two potential employers, and Collections, which helps users better organize their job search on mobile devices.  

Paul Goldshteyn, Glassdoor’s mobile product lead, said the new candidate tools are “a first-of-its-kind experience that allows people to more easily organize their entire job search from start to finish.”

Simplify, Organize Job Search

This round of enhancements is focused on simplifying the process of filling a job for everyone involved. According to a Glassdoor survey, 68 percent of job seekers and employees say that one of the biggest challenges in seeking a job is keeping yourself organized. Sixty-four percent said they use multiple tools to help them stay organized during their search.

Glassdoor called Collections “a one-stop solution” to help candidates be better organized and focused throughout their search.  The tool allows users to explore, save and organize job postings, company reviews and other content. They can also save notes and organize their within the Glassdoor Jobs mobile app.

Company Compare is about providing information. The feature allows seekers to easily compare two companies at a time in terms workplace characteristics such as employee satisfaction, career opportunities, compensation, benefits, balance, management, culture and values. Company Compare is available in all 20 countries where Glassdoor has localized sites and apps.

Glassdoor’s enhancements are in keeping with moves by job boards to focus more on matchmaking, education and candidate loyalty than simple job-posting and database building. Industry leaders have said—and new product features introduced in the last year or so have indicated—their business is centered more on providing holistic solutions than simply building databases and search tools.

Last year, a survey from the business-ratings firm Clutch founds that job boards remained among the leading ways job seekers found work, helping 40 percent of them secure new positions. Nearly 15 percent of candidates used social media, and 25 percent networked the old-fashioned way to a new position.

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