GR8 People Adds AI Tools to Increase Personalization

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Recruiting platform GR8 People launched a set of Real-time Intelligent Personalization tools designed to help employers engage candidates in a more personalized way.

With the tool, GR8 People customers can identify and deliver highly customized experiences through their corporate career sites. Talent Board research has shown that such sites are far and away the job seeker’s preferred channel for researching companies, with 60 percent calling them their most-valued resource.

Recruiting platform @GR8People launched a set of 'Real-time Intelligent Personalization' tools designed to help employers engage candidates in a more personalized way. #HR #HRTech Click To Tweet

That, said GR8 People, means candidates expect highly personalized experiences including job recommendations, content tailored to their interests, a simple application process and the ability to quickly communicate with employers.

“It’s more important than ever to provide personalized journeys that speak to a job seeker’s interests and aspirations,” said Chris Cella, GR8 People’s vice president of product. He said that Real-time Intelligent Personalization can tailor experiences at scale, which in turn can “[help] organizations stand out by ensuring each interaction is relevant and timely.”

Personalization Stands Out

The personalization tools are built on GR8 People’s native AI engine, called EUREKA!, which was launched in May. Built into GR8 People’s platform, EUREKA is designed to identify, match, screen and engage talent with increased precision, the company said.  

Now, EUREKA includes Jobs Find Me, an automated talent segmentation and lead prioritization application that helps recruiting teams uncover and measure the patterns that lead to better apply and hire conversions. It uses machine learning to improve real-time job and content recommendations.

GR8 People said the personalization set’s highlights include:  Real-time Intelligent

  • AI-Powered Careers Web Sites that tailor the candidate’s journey according to their unique interests by leveraging talent personas and advanced nurturing functionality.
  • Intelligent Job Search offers visitors the option of connecting via a preferred social media channel, such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Recommended Jobs gives candidates control of the information they receive by allowing them to drop a resume or select from a menu of skills for quick matching to the most relevant jobs.

Last week, GR8 People added texting capabilities to its enterprise recruiting solution. At the time, Cella said the tool was developed “from the ground up as a core system capability” because texting is now “fundamental to an effective recruiting process.”

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