HireVue Integrates With Microsoft Teams

HireVue Microsoft Teams

HireVue announced an integration with Microsoft Teams that allows users to leverage the meetings solution as an interview platform, complete with planned questions and real-time feedback capabilities. 

The deal allows HireVue to take advantage of Microsoft Teams’ wide user base. The product has grown in popularity as more organizations seek to connect employees forced to work remotely by the Covid-19 pandemic. It doesn’t hurt that Teams is included in Microsoft 365, providing HireVue with a ready audience of prospective users.

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In announcing the integration, HireVue stressed the convenience of offering its interview capabilities through a platform that many users are already familiar with. By engaging with candidates through Teams, it said, recruiters can focus on finding the right candidates through a seamless experience. While it’s not clear whether candidates will appreciate the integration, it certainly makes sense from the employer’s perspective.

“We’re excited to partner with Microsoft to deliver a robust hiring solution that will enable easier collaboration between the recruiter and hiring manager, one that is fully integrated into their flow of work,” said HireVue CEO Kevin Parker.

Hiring Team Capabilities

Among other things, the solution enables hiring teams to use Microsoft’s tool to capture and share notes. At the end of each interview, recruiters can also review recommendations from the team members involved.

HireVue said the integration complements other moves it’s made this year in a bid to “break down technology barriers.” In April, the company announced app-less interviewing and SMS scheduling features that it said eliminated the need for email and specialty apps in the interview process.

Such technical requirements can be a hindrance to many hourly workers, who often lack email accounts or regular access to a computer. HireVue hoped the features would help employers reach, and connect with, a broader set of candidates.

At the same time, the company expanded its OnDemand virtual interview experience so that candidates can access interviews through their mobile browsers, without having to download an interview-specific app.

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Image: HireVue

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