iCIMS Launches AI Copilot

iCIMS Launches AI Copilot

iCIMS introduced iCIMS Copilot, a generative AI-powered recruiting assistant to help talent acquisition teams accelerate hiring velocity, reduce the cost of hiring and build a competitive hiring edge to boost business outcomes. The solution will automate manual tasks to save recruiters time and also provide AI recommendations for optimizing hiring processes, the company said.

While the exact release date has not been announced, the company said the new capabilities will be available sometime in 2024.

AI Recruiting Assistance

Additionally, Copilot aims to help talent teams:

  • Create tailored interview question guides – iCIMS Copilot will generate interview questions for open requisitions based on defined criteria, proficiencies or level of experience, skills and industry, for specific roles. Users can also use a candidate’s resume to further tailor the interview guide, based on the individual.
  • Optimize job descriptions – Collaborate with iCIMS Copilot as it dynamically marks up your work with recommendations in real time. For example, ask iCIMS Copilot to make an existing senior-level job description more junior and it will suggest changes that cater to less experienced candidates.
  • Navigate talent through their job search and career path – Help candidates and employees get answers to complex questions via an intelligent digital assistant. It will be able to answer questions like “Can you create two different career paths for me, based on my current role and skills?”

“Generative AI holds tremendous promise in helping organizations increase efficiency,” said iCIMS Chief Technology Officer Al Smith. The company hopes iCIMS Copilot will provide customers with a recruiting assistant that will deliver value and intelligence to aid productivity, provide better context for decisions and improve recruiter and candidate experiences, he added.

In July, iCIMS released capabilities designed to provide users with more control over the candidate experience along with increased productivity for recruiters. At the same time, new features were added to help internal candidates navigate and explore potential career paths.

Image: iCIMS

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