UKG Introduces Multi-Country Payroll Solution


UKG debuted UKG One View, a multi-country payroll solution that aims to “reshape how multinational organizations fairly, accurately, and efficiently pay employees around the world.” According to the company, the new product will support more than 160 countries, providing all employees — regardless of which country they work in — with the same experience.

“Being a great workplace goes well beyond simply getting payroll right. It means providing all people with the same experience, no matter where they live or what they do,” said UKG Chief Product and Technology Officer Hugo Sarrazin. “One View, like all UKG solutions, supports both people and businesses in order to help everyone be more successful together.”

One View works with an organizations’ existing payroll or funding method to help provide a clear view of global payroll with minimal disruptions, the company said.

Managing Global Payroll

With One View, organizations can design a multi-country payroll model without having to compromise on the data, visibility and efficiency.

The product claims to deliver multinational businesses:

  • Single, AI-powered experience that starts with scheduling and ends with payroll funding.
  • Perpetual validation (continuous quality checks) supporting accuracy and payroll compliance, no matter where an employee works.
  • Hybrid solution deployment, allowing organizations to retain their preferred in-country payroll providers.
  • Uniform workflow control in a “single-pane view” that creates one operational standard across the globe, simplifies benchmarks and enforces in-country provider accountability.

UKG developed One View in partnership with Immedis, the cloud-based multi-country payroll provider, which UKG acquired in July.

Earlier this month, UKG established two partnerships to expand its capabilities in frontline worker management and financial wellness. The platform joined with WorkJam to offer tools to manage hourly workforces, engage employees and optimize their human capital strategies. Meanwhile, an integration with BrightPlan was released to help streamline the transfer of employee data from UKG into the BrightPlan platform.

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