iCIMS’ Summer Release Focuses on Internal Hiring and Engagement

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iCIMS said its Summer ’22 release offers capabilities to improve talent agility and optimize hiring and engagement.  

“In an uncertain market, leaders are quickly reprioritizing investments to continue to drive business forward,” observed Mark Brandau, the company’s vice president, portfolio marketing.  Employers, he said, “need modern tools and technology, as well as access to real-time data that can inform decisions and better address their biggest challenges and priorities today.”

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The release’s updates include new features in job advertising, internal mobility and candidate relationship management. The update will help talent acquisition optimize and automate the hiring process and strengthen engagement throughout the TA process.

The release follows iCIMS’ acquisition of Candidate.ID, a recruitment technology startup, in April.

New Features

Updates in the Summer ’22 release include:

Accelerated, automated sourcing to help attract and engage diverse talent with less effort. Integrated job advertising allows recruiters to build and launch campaigns to “thousands” of global job boards, all within the iCIMS ATS.

In addition, the Digital Assistant’s resume upload feature automates job matching within the AI-powered recruitment chatbot for a better talent experience and quicker applicant conversion. Meanwhile, AI-led features in iCIMS CRM include new automated job alerts and embedded analytics enable development of better targeted candidate pipelines.

To simplify scheduling and hiring for both candidates and hiring teams, iCIMS now offers self-scheduled, multi-meeting, multi-person interviews. It’s all based on real-time interviewer availability.

Also, standardized HCM integrations between iCIMS’ ATS and SAP SuccessFactors, ADP Workforce Now or ADP Next Gen allow companies to synchronize talent data between platforms and create an end-to-end experience for talent teams.

To strengthen talent engagement and employee retention, the platform offers internal mobility feartures within iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace. The module welcomes employees and makes it easier to add skills, develop a profile and explore new, personalized opportunities across the company.

New automation and integrations with iCIMS Video Studio help team members create and share video content with new hires to personalize the onboarding experience while helping to reduce attrition.

The newly added job advertising function will allow recruiters to build and launch advertising campaigns to thousands of global job boards within the iCIMS ATS. Also, the platform now has automated job alerts and embedded analytics to “enable faster, better targeted candidate pipelines.”

iCIMS added that job candidates can now also self-schedule multi-meeting and multi-person interviews based on real-time interviewer availability.

In July, the company launched iCIMS Insights+ and iCIMS Insights Advisor, subscription programs to provide a deeper look into industry trends, changes in the labor market and opportunities to connect with the wider talent community.

Enhancements and Acquisitions

In April, iCIMS acquired Candidate.ID, a Scottish recruitment technology startup that automates repetitive candidate-engagement tasks and allows TA professionals to personalize and manage engagement workflows with customizable multi-channel campaigns. iCIMS planned to add the functionality to iCIMS Talent Cloud.

iCIMS said that by using Candidate.ID, recruiters can see in real time which candidates are engaged, measure their intent and focus on those who are the best fit for a role. The software also allows recruiting teams to hyper-target the best fitting, most engaged candidates with unique lead-scoring and automated marketing campaigns.

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