Indeed Rolling Out In-Person Hiring Events

Hiring Events

Indeed is introducing a service to organize and promote hiring events so that employers can “focus on hiring and not on event management.”

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In a blog post, the company said the effort was inspired by employer concerns about being overwhelmed with resumes, interview logistics and the inevitable ghosting that goes along with filling roles in warehouses and similar workplaces. The internet itself can create more work for recruiters, the company said, and old-fashioned, in-person hiring events may be the solution.

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The service, Indeed Hiring Events, promotes events on Indeed, texts and emails reminders to interested candidates and helps employer hiring teams to prepare based on estimated turnout. At the event, companies can track and qualify candidates as soon as they sign in, then use the systems records to follow up with promising candidates later.

The in-person approach doesn’t work for all positions, Indeed notes. Roles that require a basic certification work well because candidates can be quickly screened. Jobs that require testing or careful credentials checks are best filled through other channels. Events are most appropriate for entry-level jobs, quick-service roles, retail workers, sales people, warehouse workers, some nursing roles, trucking and transportation jobs and some childcare roles, Indeed said.

Indeed says hiring events “serve as the resume prescreening and the initial interview all at once,” thus speeding the hiring process for both employers and candidates. Its Hiring Events service creates an event page, advertises the event online, handles registration, and tracks attendees and registrants. The idea is to make hosting events more manageable for employers.

The events can be particularly effective when companies must hire multiple people to fill roles across the organization, Indeed said.

Because Hiring Events isn’t listed on Indeed’s Products page, we’re guessing its still in the beta or rollout phase.

It’s an interesting move for Indeed, which has been bulking up its technical offerings with assessment tools and the recent purchase of automated job-advertising platform ClickIQ. Indeed’s not the first job board to go down this path. For example, In 2005, Dice purchased Targeted Job Fairs to stage open houses and multiple-employer career events.

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