Lattice Unveils HRIS to Connect Employee Programs With Data

Lattice HRIS

Lattice announced Lattice HRIS, an HR information system that will manage employee records and integrate directly with the company’s existing talent suite of products. The HRIS will be available next year, but companies can join a waitlist for an early-access program.

The product will customers to report on metrics, better understand their employees and teams, document the results of HR programs and automate change management processes.

With scaling businesses in mind, Lattice HRIS helps employers connect performance, engagement, compensation and employee development programs with the data, policies and procedures they need.

“With Lattice HRIS, we saw an opportunity to build on the success of our talent suite and connect high-impact talent programs to the policies, documents and reporting HR leaders need to gain a comprehensive understanding of their employees,” said Lattice CEO Jack Altman. Along the way, users will be able to “clean up their HR tech stacks,” he said.

Helping Transform HR

As more CEOs say that want HR to have a central role in their business, only 45% believe they’re creating conditions for HR to succeed, according to research by Accenture. At the same time, HR leaders seek tools that can help their teams impact performance and business results while supporting employee growth and engagement.

Lattice claims the new product is the first HRIS to operates alongside a talent management suite. It functionality allows users to:

  • Implement seamless onboarding to make sure the right employee information is captured but help employees begin work where they’re needed.
  • Track and review attendance with time off, holiday calendar and leave management, as well as visualizations of time-off balances.
  • Analyze people metrics in order to save, schedule and share necessary reports.
  • Build workflows that help to address potential “change fatigue” by providing the right information at the right time. 
  • Visualize, compare and uncover insights that can inform strategic decision-making to improve employee engagement, turnover, and diversity initiatives.
  • Integrate with payroll, hiring, benefits and identity management products.

Mid-sized U.S.-based organizations can join the early access program’s waiting list here.

In July, Lattice released several survey templates to help employers address specialized expertise that can help employers address specialized workforce management challenges.

Image: Lattice

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