Modern Hire, Greenhouse Partner on Interviews, Assessments

Software Integration

Modern Hire announced a new integration with recruiting platform Greenhouse, which introduces a new automated process for submitting on-demand video, voice and text interviews, live interviews and assessments within Greenhouse workflows.

In addition, the integration reduces the administrative burden on recruiters, freeing them to take on more strategic tasks within their organization. The result, the companies said, is accelerated engagement with candidates and improved hiring process. 

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“Our integration with Greenhouse is further proof that we’re delivering a personalized, data-driven hiring experience to our clients and their candidates,” said Dusty Woodall, Modern Hire’s vice president of technology. Greenhouse Director of Partnerships Garret Starr said the integration will help “reinforce how investing in a better candidate experience drives impactful results.”

Modern Hire maintains integrations with a range of candidate management, talent acquisition and applicant tracking systems. “Modern Hire’s growing ecosystem of partnerships and integrations is critical to our mission,” said Woodall.  

In March, Modern Hire launched an integration to automate submitting on-demand and live video interviews and assessments from within SmartRecruiters. As candidates progress through the hiring process, recruiters can view the statuses, links and data from Modern Hire from the SmartRecruiters environment.

Last year, Modern Hire introduced new tools designed to make the hiring process more personal for everyone involved in the process. 

Greenhouse, too, has been moving forward with product plans. The company recently launched a platform to onboard new hires through a personalized experience. At the time, the company said employers were reexamining their onboarding processes and determining that they no longer met their needs. Employers require a personalized, engaging experience that mirrors in-person onboarding and spotlights a company’s culture and role expectations.

Integrations have become a key factor in developing HR technology solutions. For all the power offered by brand-name suites, the ability to combine core products with third-party offerings is now ubiquitous, to the point where most CHROs and CIOs consider it table stakes.

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