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isolved launched Predictive People Analytics, designed to make data analysis more readily available to help employers navigate the Great Resignation.

Even as companies struggle to find and retain employees, only 57% of HR leaders rate their company’s employee experience as “good,” a survey by isolved found. One of the most common problems, the company said, is that employers often have trouble analyzing basic workforce metric and predicting what changes will have the greatest impact on business outcomes.

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isolved Predictive People Analytics is the incorporation, integration and enhancement of isolved’s recent acquisition of TrenData HR into isolved People Cloud. It delivers a number of configurable dashboards to managers, providing analysis and forecasting of key workforce trends, such as turnover and diversity, while also offering a voice-activated assistant to deliver answers for a number of HR-related questions. 

“Companies are desperate to understand how to find and keep high-performing talent who are the heart of their business,” said James Norwood, isolved’s chief marketing and strategy officer. A lack of analytics capabilities has led “to many businesses blindly throwing money and resources at problem areas to see what sticks.” He called such tactics “a risky proposition.” 

‘If You Do This, This Will Happen’

Isolved said Predictive People Analytics identifies the best actions employers can take. As Norwood said, it delivers “simple, ‘if you do this, this will happen’ insights.” In addition, its predictive abilities can save companies a significant amount of expense in trial and error, make the difference in the war for talent and provide employee engagement benefits by helping make employees feel more understood. 

Out of the box, the product offers: 

  • Better visibility into current and future business.
  • Advanced insights for informed people decisions.
  • Mobile and web dashboards.
  • TAbility to tie people data to financial data.
  • Conversational voice-activated virtual assistant.

In early September, isolved added recruiting platform Wedge as an add-on application within its Integration Marketplace. The integration brings Wedge video interviewing functionality to People Cloud.  

Image: isolved

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