New Platform Aims to Help With Social, Economic Well-Being


A technology firm focused on well-being and a Midwestern health organization have launched a platform designed to help organizations address “social determinants of health,” the social and economic challenges that can be the root causes of employee health issues, lost productivity and reduced engagement.

Called Resourceful, the solution is powered by the PurposeCloud platform of Kumanu, which calls itself a purpose-centered well-being technology firm. The company partnered with not-for-profit ProMedica to develop the product. ProMedica’s health system includes 13 hospitals and 300 post-acute facilities in Michigan and Ohio.

A new platform aims to help address “social determinants of health,” the social and economic challenges that can lead to workforce health issues, lost productivity and reduced engagement. #HR #HRTech Share on X

The launch comes as employers recognize the growing toll Covid-19 has taken on the workforce. According to a recent study by the Research Institute, 64% of HR professionals agree that that employee well-being has been significantly reduced, and organizations that take a proactive approach to well-being have been more effective in responding to the crisis.

The organizations say Resourceful is meant to support employers by helping them address SDOH issues that can impact employees’ quality of life and work. SDOH directly impacts nearly one-third of all working Americans, according to a Harris Poll conducted for the companies in late 2020. Such issues include food insecurity, financial stress, housing insecurity childcare or eldercare challenges, emotional well-being and a lack of reliable transportation, the companies said. A separate survey found that 24% of full-time American workers had experienced food insecurity and 27% were experiencing childcare issues.

Well-Being Risk Factors and Solutions

ProMedica and Kumanu say that employers have had no practical way to assess risk factors and possible solutions. Resourceful is designed to help companies identify unmet needs and connect employees with resources to address them.

In addition, experts from Kumanu and ProMedica will consult with employers and customize the platform to each organization’s needs.

In August 2020, Kumanu received $3 million in Series A funding from ProMedica. The funds were intended for platform and market development, Kumanu said at the time.

Image: Kumanu

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