New TalentGuard Tools Help Build Skill and Identify Resources

Skills Tests

TalentGuard enhanced its WorkGPT platform with two new tools, Skill Builder and Skill-Based Learning Link Builder.

WorkforceGPT Skill Builder generates technical, leadership and soft skills from scratch, including definitions and behavioral indicators across four proficiency levels. The tool allows organizations to customize and expand their skill libraries and encourage a dynamic and responsive approach to talent development.

Its companion Skill-Based Learning Link Builder identifies appropriate learning resources in order to connect skill development and learning resources.

TalentGuard’s tools play in the same space as products such as Eightfold AI’sTalent Planning solution, which helps companies analyze and forecast skills and resourcing gaps in real-time. Similarly, Gloat’s Skills Foundation helps identify and mitigate skill gaps and reskill and redeploy talent to better align with business strategies.

TalentGuard’s Push on Skills

According to the Brandon Hall Group, 87% of employers are either adding or plan to add new skills requirements for up to half of their existing job roles. That involves more than defining the details of the job, TalentGuard said. Employers must also take into account cultural and geographical differences in their skills and workforce planning.

Updating skill definitions manually isn’t easy. TalentGuard wants to help employers accurately define needed skills, a complex process that involves understanding diverse roles and their applications, as well as the integration of both technical and interpersonal qualities that align with organizational culture.

Building learning links mapped to skills is also challenging. The process requires a deep understanding of the evolving skill sets necessary for various industries and roles, and an expert awareness of learning resources that can enhance them. Another challenge: continuously updating and adapting links so they keep up with the dynamic nature of skill requirements.

Taken together, the enhancements will allow employers to strengthen their efforts in skill development and learning, TalentGuard said. They’ll also add to talent retention efforts by allowing workers to access personalized development paths that address their unique career plans.

Launched in March, WorkforceGPT uses a version of OpenAI’s GPT model alongside customer and market data to help employers build roles and manage skills within their workforce. The platform updates roles and skill taxonomies continuously, and automates the creation of job and skill data to save teams time while giving them the knowledge to be able to adapt to changes.

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