Oracle HCM Introduces Streamlined Implementation Program

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Oracle launched Oracle HCM Now, a program designed to help mid-size enterprises – those with up to 15,000 employees – simplify and cut costs when implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM.

For mid-sized employers, identifying cost-effective, scalable HR tools can be a challenge, Oracle believes. With Oracle HCM Now, customers can accelerate implementation using fixed-fee packages and simple first steps, then add new capabilities at an appropriate pace.

The new implementation model also allows customers to adopt capabilities without requiring third-party solutions and integrations that may impact accuracy and employee experience. That, Oracle said, will help customers quickly adapt to industry changes while managing their business’s evolving needs.

Stressing Efficiency

HCM Now’s approach also helps customers operate more efficiently by using the capabilities of a single, complete HCM suite. Mid-sized business, Oracle said, must often cobble together their approach to HR technology, resulting in complex, tough-to-manage systems that become even more challenging to run as businesses evolve through, for example, mergers and regulatory changes.

In a statement provided by Oracle, Quincy Valencia, Ventana Research’s vice president and research director for HCM technology, said Oracle HCM Now “addresses a significant gap in the market.” Pairing Oracle’s HCM solution with a rapid implementation approach allows mid-size employers to bring HR solutions online more quickly, she said.

Oracle added generative AI capabilities to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM in June, embedding the features to help improve productivity and experience while streamlining HR processes. The company said that with the enhancement, the platform uses large language models to improve HR’s time-effectiveness while strengthening the employee experience and providing more accurate workforce analysis.

The company followed that in September with new employee recognition and rewards features for its employee experience platform, Oracle ME. Oracle Celebrate is a native-built recognition and rewards product that uses data to help HR provide more personalized experiences for employees.

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