Oracle HCM’s New Features Focus On Experience, Workflows

Oracle HCM

Oracle unveiled new features for HCM Cloud that shows the company’s continued focus on improving the experience for employees, candidates and even HR, even as they streamline collaboration and workflows.

The HCM Cloud updates are intended to help companies meet increasing demands from candidates and employees about their experiences, and also provide tools to help HR streamline cumbersome processes and increase flexibility.

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“Employees expect the same experiences that they have in their personal lives to be reflected at work, including interaction using voice, access to everything on their mobile phone and behavior-based recommendations,” said Chris Leone, Oracle HCM’s senior vice president of development. Employers “want access to the latest technology tools and the ability to compete with agility, while delivering a seamless experience for their workforce.”

New to Oracle HCM

Oracle Cloud HCM’s new tools include:

  • Event-Based Processes automate multi-step procedures for event-based tasks involving, for example, an employee’s name change, marriage, tax information and the like. The system now aggregates all necessary steps and automates a number of routine tasks.
  • HCM Experience Design Studio has been updated to help HR teams more easily design detailed business processes and workflows, and also to create customer-defined defaulting and validation logic. For example, a customer might use conditional defaulting to automatically set full- or part-time status based on work hours.
  • New Self-Service features aid employees through more complex, industry-tailored workflows. Oracle believes this will be particularly attractive in higher education, healthcare and public sector organizations, where HR needs to set up automatic rules and position progressions when managing headcount.

Oracle HCM’s additions continue the emphasis on user experience and HR streamlining that was evident when it launched a previous round of enhancements in March. Those included chatbots, improved workforce-planning capabilities and Tailored Career Sites, which include  simplified interview scheduling and self-service candidates tools.

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