Paycom Launches Global HCM Solution to Meet Rising Demand


Paycom Software announced its latest product offering, Global HCM, which allows businesses, as well as and their domestic and international employees, to manage their HR needs within a single, relatively straightforward system. The company said it can now expand access to more than 180 countries, in 15 languages and dialects.

Paycom’s Global HCM software, including Employee Self-Service and Manager on-the-Go functionality, connects HR processes in order to drive workforce engagement throughout organizations dispersed across multiple countries.

“After two years of software development, our Global HCM product now brings Paycom’s HCM functionality to the rest of the world and as part of our international expansion, we expect to roll out our industry-leading payroll solution, BETI, across the globe over the coming months,” said Chad Richison, the company’s founder and chairman. (Who neatly avoided explaining how any kind of solution can be industry-leading before it’s rolled out.)

Paycom’s Own Set of Rules

To streamline how HR works, Paycom requires employees to enter and manage their own information in a single app. As a result, the company says, HR and payroll information flow more efficiently, without the need to reenter data.  

In addition to Employee Self-Service and Manager on-the-Go, Global HCM provides Applicant Tracking, Benefits Administration, Compensation Management, Expense Management, Onboarding, Paycom, Scheduling and Time and Attendance.

Recently, Paycom has attracted attention from investors for its combination of attractive business model and a unique aspect of its platform: a home-grown environment that needs only a single database to perform. According to the Motley Fool, “Paycom’s simple platform outperforms competitors’ complex patchwork systems that require redundant data entry and contain more security risks.”

Another “advantage,” in the Motley Fool’s words, is BETI, which allows employees to administer their own payroll, and results in increased accuracy and efficiency. The company sees BETI as being the “future of payroll.

Image: Paycom

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