Oracle Sees Closer Role Between Technology Vendors, Customers

Oracle HQ

HR budgets are tightening while the expectations of effectively supporting the changing workforce continue to grow. So as 2023 proceeds HR remains under the gun to do more with less. 

Oracle is pitching itself as a solution for companies that want technology vendors to be more like partners who will help them navigate changing economic and social issues on their way to addressing workforce needs.

On Oracle’s blog, Cloud HCM Vice President of Global Product Strategy Nancy Estell Zoder said a number of HCM technology vendors are responding to that need for vendors that can go beyond providing solutions to becoming a partner that can help navigate changing economic and social issues to address workforce needs. The company is offering resources that include:

  • New HCM Adoption Accelerators to help customers understand key product capabilities within Oracle Cloud HCM, including Oracle HCM Communicate, Oracle Touchpoints, Oracle Recruiting Booster and Oracle Dynamic Skills. These accelerators provide best practices for configuration and deployment through guided webinars, direct support from Oracle and step-by-step guides. Also, they help organizations personalize workforce communication, improve engagement, acquire top talent and grow critical skills within their workforce. Zoder said.
  • New partner Adoption Accelerators that help customers leverage Oracle’s partner ecosystem and address market-specific challenges, such as responding to an environmental or public health crisis or labor shortage. Developed by Oracle partners, these accelerators include Simplifying the Calibration Hiring Experience for Healthcare by Deloitte, the Supplemental Worker Experience by PwC, Incoops My Contractor Experience, and more.
  • The latest Adoption Accelerators expand Oracle’s HCM Resource Center, which hosts a variety of resources to help customers achieve greater speed and autonomy, including configuration guidance and best practices. In addition, Oracle continues to grow its Cloud Customer Connect community, which is comprised of more than 300,000 active members.

Zoder said Oracle is committed to helping customers with “a comprehensive HCM suite and the direct support needed to plan, adopt and improve the technology they require.” The new accelerators and growing customer resource offerings will support HR as it adopts the capabilities they need to support their changing workforce expectations.

Image: Oracle

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