Phenom Acquisition Intended to Streamline Interview Scheduling

My Ally

Phenom has acquired My Ally, an HR technology company focused on automation, in particular the scheduling of interviews. The company said My Ally would help it deliver “an intelligent, omni-channel interview scheduling experience.”

The acquisition, Phenom’s first, comes eight months after the company closed a $30 million round of Series C funding. CEO Mahe Bayireddi said the deal shows Phenom is executing on a growth strategy based on “constant innovation.” That hints that Phenom will buy innovative solutions when it makes more sense than developing them in-house.

Phenom acquired My Ally to help it deliver “an intelligent, omni-channel interview scheduling experience.” @Phenom_People #HR #HRTech Share on X

My Ally has developed what it calls a “source-to-retain” platform that helps employers identify and attract candidates, interview, hire and onboard them, then keep them. Its tools present using conversational AI and pulling information from legacy HR systems as well as data that’s created during the talent acquisition process. Founded in 2015, the company’s backers include Storm Ventures and Eileses Capital.

“Their curious, energetic culture fits well with our own,” Bayireddi told the Philadelphia Inquirer. The newspaper said Phenom now has 700 employees while My Ally employs 46. 

Smoother Interview Scheduling

Currently, My Ally automates the scheduling of over 20,000 interviews each month, Phenom said. In doing so, it creates a dataset of interactions and learning that can be used to refine the approach of the AI and automation systems involved in talent acquisition. Phenom said those insights, plus My Ally’s automation tools, will be integrated into its TXM platform.

“My Ally’s automation technology complements our AI-based capabilities astonishingly well—showing potential to scale to other facets of TXM,” Bayireddi wrote in a blog post. “While Phenom users can already schedule interviews via chatbot and campaigns, My Ally introduces the ability for select candidates to self-schedule interviews by naturally conversing with an automated assistant through email.”

In March, Phenom added one-to-one personalization, a gig-style approach to internal assignments and role-based access to TXM. The idea was to the need for multiple platforms in recruiting, interviewing and assessing candidates, which the company believes hurts the efficiency of the recruiting process.

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Image: My Ally

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