Reward Gateway Adds Analytics to Report on Overall Engagement

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Reward Gateway launched an analytics engine as a part of its employee engagement platform. Called SmartInsights, the package provides HR departments with intelligence on overall employee engagement, recognition activity, benefit uptake and social responses.  

The company said SmartInsights uses a highly visual set of dashboards to make data digestable to HR leaders and managers. In addition to information on the workforce, the tool includes a manager results dashboard to help identify areas of possible improvement on the team, division or department level.

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The dashboards provide about an employee’s overall use of the Reward Gateway platform, including recognition and reward activity across departments and discount activities. HR leaders can use this data in real time to address engagement issues, the company said. 

Incorporating analytics into its platform allows Reward Gateway customers will “help organizations to make timely changes, share relevant communications or address specific employee concerns before engagement levels, turnover or other KPIs are negatively impacted,” said Rob Boland, Reward Gateway’s COO.

SmartInsights was first announced at the HR Tech conference in October.

Engagement Analytics Spread

Businesses spend more than $2 billion annually on engagement solutions, said a Reward Gateway study last year. On the one hand, that money seems to be paying off, since in 2018 Gallup reported the percentage of U.S. workers calling themselves actively engaged rose from 28 percent to 34 percent. On the other hand, some 66 percent of employees remained disengaged and 1 in 8 were “so unhappy they might undermine your company.”

In March, Reward Gateway launched Connect+, a mobile app that enables employees to recognize colleagues in real time. The app includes communication tools to help connect employees and their company, works as an extension of the Reward Gateway platform.

Both HCM and engagement platform providers are continually looking for ways to incorporate data into their offerings. Vibe HCM, for instance, rolled out Vibe Insights in October to provide with metrics on employee engagement, employee sentiment, peer recognition and social engagement as well as access to traditional HR transaction and compliance data.

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