Rizing Melds Qualtrics Data with Operations Intelligence

Rizing Lyra

Rizing launched a new solution designed to capture data from business processes and apply it to organizational change.

Rizing Employee Experience Insights, or EXI, combines SuccessFactors operations data with Qualtrics experience information to help companies improve their business performance. The result is “a fully integrated approach to managing and improving human performance,” the company said.

Rizing launched a new solution designed to capture @Qualtrics data and apply it to organizational change. #HR #HRTech @Rizingllc Click To Tweet

The solution integrates the ability to collect and analyze data with Rizing’s ability to build experience assessments and advise clients on how to use data to effect change. The company said its Qualtrics solutions are different from others because it can work with clients at all stages of implementing an end-to-end experience management solution, tailored for their business.

Rizing, an SAP SuccessFactors implementation partner, can also gather data from most any system for use in Lyra, its proprietary analytics platform. Once the data’s entered, Lyra combines operational and experience data to aid decision-making across the entire workforce ecosystem, from core HR and payroll through talent management, contingent workforce management, and travel and expense management.

“The ability to measure and improve experiences for customers and, in fact, all stakeholders is what differentiates one company from another. With the launch of EXI, we’re able to do that for Rizing customers with personalized services and real-time data from Qualtrics,” said Rizing CEO Mike Maiolo.

EXI delivery is adapted to each customer’s needs. That can include support of in-house development efforts or full-service solutions. 

In March, Rizing created a SuccessFactors configuration that uses World Health Organization definitions to collect virus-related information from employees. It wasn’t alone. Around the same another SAP partner, iXerv, launched a similar tool. 

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Image: Rizing

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