Eightfold, Udemy Add Courses to Talent Exchange Marketplace

Talent Exchange

Eightfold.ai and Udemy are collaborating to offer courses and job opportunities to users of the Talent Exchange platform.

Launched in April, Talent Exchange uses Eightfold’s matching algorithms to connect users, specifically workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic, with companies that are hiring to fill open roles. Eightfold hopes the courses will help users gain the skills necessary to qualify for the jobs they want.

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The Talent Exchange is an industry-supported marketplace to facilitate hiring. The platform acts as a bridge between organizations that need to quickly hire and others with employees who’ve been furloughed or laid off. The site is supported by McKinsey & Company, with partners and participating companies representing industries and trades including the Food Industry Association, the Retail Council of Canada, Lowe’s, Instacart, Macy’s and Walmart.

More than 700 courses are available, for free, to people who sign up for Talent Exchange, the company said.

Talent Exchange & Skills Building

Eightfold’s platform uses deep learning to match workers and roles based on their experience, skills, location and preferred jobs. With Udemy added to the mix, the system will also be able to guide users to courses that support their goals.

Available courses cover career-related topics such as working remotely, time management, leadership; programming, presentations skills and public speaking.

In May, Eightfold and EdCast teamed up to offer personalized career-planning tools to help employees develop their career paths and work toward both short- and long-term goals. The companies integrated their solutions so customers can provide employees with the means to define their career strategy and pursue the learning activities necessary to realize it.      

Eightfold and EdCast said the partnership would help organizations provide personalized corporate education that’s delivered at the right time and at the right pace.  

In May, Eightfold incorporated digital events capabilities into its platform.

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Image: Eightfold.ai

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