Strivr Adds Generative AI for Storyline, Content Development

Virtual Reality

Strivr, a provider of VR solutions for enterprise-level organizations, added new generative AI technology to improve storyline development, animation and asset creation, and to optimize visual and content-driven features. Strivr will also use generative AI to gather insights from immersive user data to support HR and L&D leaders as they make business decisions.

Strivr is an enterprise-level platform that allows companies to create virtual reality content and manage it remotely through the cloud. It also allows users to manage devices, and offers what CEO Derek Belch calls “a very substantive data and analytics portal.”  

Belch said his customers “are seeing firsthand the impact immersive technology can bring to employee engagement, retention and performance. They want more, and we’re listening.” This, he said, “is just the beginning of how VR will continue to impact the employee experience, and we’re excited to see our customers embracing it.”

Simplifying Content Access

To enable learners to develop their own experiential learning path, Strivr also introduced Strivr Home, a virtual in-headset performance center that focuses on employee experience.

Acting as a hub for upskilling, reskilling and “recharging,” Strivr Home aims to simplify, unify and personalize the in-headset experience for users by transporting them into a “tranquil home setting.” From there, they can access immersive content. Features include single sign-on and a central hub where users can browse premium training content. Strivr Home is also designed to guide along their paths and will evolve to offer insights on learner performance and recommendations on future experiences.

In addition, Strivr is now offering customers choice when sourcing content to build out their VR libraries. With this feature, the platform encompasses Strivr-created content, content developed by Strivr partners or content developed in-house by customers. The company also introduced in-headset mental-health and well-being content as part of its immersive programs and training curricula.   

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