Symphony Talent Expands Programmatic Capabilities of SmashFlyX

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Symphony Talent enhanced its newly launched SmashFlyX platform with tools to manage automated campaigns, advertising on connected TVs and simplify job posting across multiple outlets.

The company said its goals are to improve ad-management efficiency and expand employer-brand awareness on video-based channels.

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It was just about seven weeks ago that Symphony launched SmashFlyX, which offers CRM, career site, talent mobility and programmatic advertising solutions through a single interface. The product stemmed from the November acquisition of SmashFly Technologies, which combined Symphony’s employer-branding and creative services with Smashfly’s recruitment marketing and CRM tools.

Programmatic Capabilities

Specifically, the newly announced features include:

  • Goal-Based Auto-Campaigning: SmashFlyX automatically searches the CRM for well-matched candidates. If it doesn’t find enough by location or skill, it recommends or boosts advertising spend to increase exposure and generate new applicants. It also factors in time-to-fill goals to optimize channels and spend.
  • Connected TV Advertising: To take advantage of connected TV’s increasing popularity, SmashFlyX targets viewers by occupation as they watch outlets such as Hulu, Sling TV and CBS News Live. The platform tags, tracks and geotargets each campaign on appropriate channels. So, for example, a retailer with 500 stores in 16 states could set up a 15-mile ZIP code radius around each store, without manual effort.
  • Global Ad-Hoc Job Posting: Rather than manage specific specific jobs manually, new features help users browse some 8,000 job boards around the world and click to post through an online shopping cart experience. The feature handles purchasing and contracting, job distribution, and tracking and reporting.

Roopesh Nair, Symphony Talent’s CEO, said employers should be actively working to maintain their employer-brand presence even in the midst of high unemployment and the economic slowdown. “There is an exceptional opportunity for organizations to ensure job seekers are aware of the roles they’re hiring for now, as well as roles that may open up down the line,” he argued. “Amidst a lot of uncertainty, companies can still build pipelines of talent for engagement with potential hires.”

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Image: Symphony Talent

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