Talogy Sees Use of Assessments Increasing This Year

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The use of talent assessments is increasing, CHROs say. They also believe that within the next year, the use of hiring and talent evaluations will return to pre-pandemic levels.

The use of hiring and talent evaluations will return to pre-pandemic levels this year, a study found. #HR #HRTech Click To Tweet

Research by Talogy, a workforce assessment and development firm, found that feedback systems, DEI and new strategies will become more common as time goes on. Among the new challenges in talent assessments, the company’s experts have gleaned:

  • Advances in feedback systems should include new technology advancements, the leveraging of natural language processing and efforts to explore virtual environments.
  • DEI and assessment fairness are distinct subjects. Implementing predictive, reliable and fair assessments should aid companies that have DEI goals, although they must actively recruit for diversity and, in turn, measure competencies in place that fit an inclusive culture.
  • New strategies for technology-based assessments will help a wide range of assessment companies by ensuring that technology-based assessments are predictive, reliable and fair.
  • Multi-dimensional personality scales can be truncated while retaining reliability and validity, and should be based on research using a combination of machine learning and content validity data.
  • Turnover and retention prediction continue to be among an organizations’ main concerns.

Peter Celeste, Talogy’s global president, said the company was “excited” by its research and the opportunity presented to its new assessment technology, which is set to launch in June 2022.

Innovations in talent assessment technology are building more effective solutions for understanding what employees know and what they are capable of from the outset. On top of that, assessments have demonstrated that they can help employers move toward a more impartial and inclusive workplace – one where opportunity is based on individuals’ capabilities, skills and talents with, advanced data providing additional insights.

Assessments can also provide increasingly important knowledge that will guide employers in building diverse teams, to achieve superior performance, and foster greater productivity.

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