Talview Unveils Candidate Authentication Feature for Microsoft Teams

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Talview launched a candidate authentication feature for Microsoft Teams. The product uses facial recognition technology and integrates with the company’s online proctored exam solution. 

To ensure each candidate’s authenticity, the feature matches faces with government-issued IDs and a base image available in the Talview database. Verification occurs at every stage of the recruitment process, Talview said, and records entire interviews for later review. It analyzes voices as well.

Talview said the feature helps recruiters and hiring managers interview candidates while identifying fraudulent candidates at the beginning of the recruitment process. Candidate Authentication “simplifies remote hiring while ensuring secure and compliant recruitment procedures,” the company said.

Who Are You Really?

Candidates presenting stand-ins as themselves is an increasing concern among employers, especially as virtual interviews become more common. While convenient, that increasing frequency has brought challenges to the hiring process, Talview said, including a “significant increase” in the number of candidates that use another person to navigate the hiring process. “Many organizations get to know about the imposter only once the candidate is on-boarded,” the company said

Talview CEO Sanjoe Tom Jose described the feature as “an innovation that reflects Talview’s commitment to ensuring a seamless, secure and compliant recruitment process for remote teams.” The company plans to continue working on other solutions with Microsoft, he said.  

“The integration … ensures security and compliance boundaries for recruitment procedures,” added Ben Summers, director, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Platform Marketing.

Candidate Authentication allows interviewers to join group meetings and provide interview feedback without leaving Teams, Talview said.

Last year, Talview introduced Interview Insights to help employers conduct more effective interviews. The feature uses AI to coach interviewers and bring organizations specific, explainable and actionable insights. According to Talview, that will allow employers to make interventions that enable them to meet their key talent goals.

Image: Talview

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