UKG Looks to Include Great Place to Work Data in AI Solutions

Great Place to Work Hub

UKG will begin including benchmarks from Great Place to Work in its generative AI in order to help managers and HR leaders develop approaches to managing their workforce and developing their culture.

UKG acquired the Great Place to Work Institute, the organization behind Fortune’s annual list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, in 2021. GPTW regularly monitors the thoughts and attitudes of about 100 million employees around the world. The combination of data and UKG’s AI will provide users with “proactive, purposefully curated insights and recommendations,” UKG said.

At the time, UKG said its goal was to integrate GPTW data and benchmarking into its solutions, and embed elements of its insights to help customers improve organizational health, elevate the life-work journey and give employees a greater voice. 

Data and UKG Conversational Search

Once trained with GPTW’s 30 years of research and strategy data, UKG’s Great Place To Work Hub will surface suggestions and key data points to help employers understand where their culture stands and advance equity and opportunity for all employees going forward. The product will use a conversational search interface to return key information and suggested actions based on Great Place To Work findings, the company said.

In addition, the Great Place To Work Hub will prompt managers and HR leaders with recommendations and nudges toward specific actions, behaviors and best practices. “We’re combining insights and technology — both transformational in their own ways — to make it easier than ever for businesses to create inclusive, high-performing workplaces that drive growth and revenue,” said Hugo Sarrazin, UKG’s chief product and technology officer.

Part of the UKG Pro HCM suite, the Great Place To Work Hub is designed to help employers make more informed decisions around equity and opportunity within their organizations. UKG expects to make the hub available to UKG Ready customers in 2024.

Earlier this month, UKG launched UKG One View, a multi-country payroll solution. The product will support payroll in more than 160 countries, providing all employees with the same experience, regardless of which country they work in.

Image: UKG

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