Upwork, OpenAI Pair Up to Link Businesses, AI Experts

Upwork OpenAI

Upwork and OpenAI have gotten together to launch OpenAI Experts on Upwork, which offers businesses the chance to connect with independent professionals who have experience with OpenAI’s environment.

The companies said they co-designed the program to feature talent who know the OpenAI API platform, and to draw from the 250 AI skills available on Upwork, including GPT-4, Whisper and AI model integration.

OpenAI is already using Upwork’s platform to support its own efforts and said it sees value in helping customers identify and connect with professionals who can leverage its technology to the organization’s advantage.

Working together, the companies identified the most common use cases for OpenAI customers – such as building applications powered by large language models, fine-tuning models and developing chatbots – along with required skills. The companies also formulated a pre-vetting process for identifying AI specialists who participate in the program.

Upwork Extends It Reach

OpenAI Experts on Upwork is an extension of Upwork’s AI Services hub, which, in addition to connecting companies with professionals in AI fields, offers new beta features and resources designed to help customers get work done on Upwork more quickly.  The program uses Upwork’s platform to pre-vet and curate talent with AI expertise and experience with the OpenAI platform.

“Through strategic partnerships like this one, we aim to make Upwork the preeminent destination for AI-related talent and work,” said Dave Bottoms, general manager and vice president of product for the Upwork Marketplace.

Upwork’s OpenAI-talent features launched just weeks after the company expanded its platform to include more general AI offerings and resources. Most notably, Upwork added the AI Services Hub, which allows customers to connect with consultants, researchers, developers and engineers.

Behind the scenes, Upwork has expanded its platform with “generative AI-infused” features including an AI-powered job post generator, an enhanced chat experience and proposal tips for talent.

For its part, OpenAI plans to create an online marketplace where developers who leverage the company’s technology can sell their products.


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