Workforce Logiq to Launch Analytics Tool for Sourcing, Remote Work

Location Optimizer

People analytics provider Workforce Logiq announced a new IQ Location Optimizer solution, which helps employers decide on where to source talent and whether a remote-work arrangement makes sense for a particular role.

The idea, said the company, is to speed up the hiring process and expand the talent pool for each position at the lowest possible cost.

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The product leverages three algorithms, on which Workforce Logiq has filed for patents. They include:

  • Geo-Selection Engine, which prioritizes the locations from which to recruit talent, based on the job description and other employer-specified requirements. The system’s recommendations are based on data including regional talent supply and demand gaps, salary profiles, willingness to engage with the company, office locations, quality of life metrics and local commuting patterns.
  • Remote Role Recommender determines whether a position role should be staffed on-site, within commuting access to an office or in a fully remote arrangement. The model considers the corporate culture, the role’s requirements and industry benchmarks.
  • Role Collaboration Index identifies the importance and frequency of collaboration a role requires to ensure successful delivery of projects and tasks.

Workforce Logiq will launch IQ Location Optimizer in July to U.S.-based companies. The tool can integrated into the company’s MSP, RPO and self-sourcing solutions, making it available for planning and hiring of contingent and full-time roles.

Remote Work Strategies

Adding such capabilities to Workforce Logiq’s toolkit makes sense. Since March, when a wide swath of businesses began having employees work from home, more employers are considering how to incorporate a greater proportion of remote workers into their operations. Recently, the Conference Board said 83% of organizations expect to increase their reliance on remote workers.

That view is widely held by HR technology leaders. “I think one of the most profound changes we all are anticipating and are seeing is that work from home is probably going to become permanent, more permanent than before,” said Emily He, senior vice president for global marketing at Oracle HCM.

“We’ve strategically expanded our predictive analytics portfolio to help clients get their employees back to work faster, in an arrangement that is safe, productive, and designed to take advantage of the now normal of remote work,” said Workforce Logiq CEO Jim Burke.

Workforce Logiq has filed for 12 patents in the past 18 months. The location optimization workflows are based on the company’s data science and were designed and built by its internal development team.

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Image: Workforce Logiq

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