EY, IBM Focus HR AI Effort on Improving Productivity

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EY and IBM are pushing the idea of increased productivity in their launch of EY.ai Workforce, which allows businesses to integrate AI into their key HR business processes.

EY.ai Workforce combines AI and automation from IBM watsonx Orchestrate with EY’s domain knowledge in HR and HR transformation. As part of the service, EY will review a company’s existing processes before planning and deploying a custom solution that uses AI to help employees streamline their work.

The product “[puts] humans at the center of technology to bring about an improved work experience with superior productivity,” said Andy Baldwin, EY Global Managing Partner – Client Service.

Connecting to solutions like Gmail and Salesforce, watsonx Orchestrate employs a natural language interface to work through common tasks such as drafting job descriptions and running payroll reports. Like other purveyors of AI-based solutions, EY and IBM said simplifying access to automation will free up employees “to focus on higher value work.”

That, said Kareem Yusuf, IBM Software’s senior vice president of product management and growth, will help customers use AI to improve productivity.

EY Wades Deep into AI

How HR will actually apply AI is central to EY’s thinking. “To realize the full potential of generative AI — or any technology — organizations need to bring a holistic, people-centered perspective to an increasingly more digital world of work,” wrote People Advisory Services Global Technology Leader Jonathan Sears in a blog post. “Instead of just focusing on the capabilities of generative AI, it’s important to consider how its use might enhance both the operational and experiential realities of the ‘next normal’ of work.”

Across the technology landscape, automation is one of the most oft-mentioned results of AI’s use. In the HR space, SAP SuccessFactor’s latest release creates tailored job descriptions and interview questions. Assisted Authoring in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM helps create content like job requisitions, automates goal creation and generates HR help desk articles. Workday added features to create content and formulate employee growth plans.

VentureBeat suggests EY plans to streamline a number of business tasks beyond HR through the use of AI. The firm already has a number of partnerships in place that point in that direction, and has invested $1.4 billion into its effort. The firm is also developing its own large language model, EY.ai EYQ.

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