iCIMS Acquisition Adds Employee-Generated Video to Platform

Altru Labs

iCIMS acquired New York-based Altru Labs, a platform that supports the distribution of employee-generated video. The company said the purchase will allow it to help employers “humanize” their brand.

By incorporating Altru’s solutions into its Talent Cloud, iCIMS will be able to offer more dynamic options for communicating with talent through mobile and video tools. In essence, iCIMS users will be able to spice up their career sites with content that’s both more engaging and interactive. iCIMS believes employee-created videos can go a long way toward improving candidate conversations and engaging internal talent.

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Specifically, iCIMS users will be able capture, edit, brand, approve and distribute employee-generated video on their corporate websites and social media accounts, as well as through email and text campaigns. Altru’s customers, who are mostly enterprise firms, will be able to connect to the Talent Cloud to manage their talent acquisition efforts. Those customers include Target, PwC, Intuit, L’Oréal and Box, iCIMS said.

iCIMS CEO Steve Lucas said that employee video will offer iCIMS customers a new way to approach talent. “We’re leaning in on technology that is critical to HR transformation and modern talent acquisition, and are thrilled to deliver the next generation of digital talent engagement,” he said.

Deeper into Talent Mobility

Barely a month ago, Holmdel, N.J.-based iCIMS bought the French user experience firm EasyRecrue. A month before that, the company consolidated its products into a single platform and relaunched itself as iCIMS Talent Cloud.

The move represented the company’s first step into the talent mobility space. At the time, CTO Al Smith told the HCM Technology Report that iCIMS already had the core capabilities in place, though the company hadn’t focused on them. Twenty percent of the company’s customers use its technology to facilitate internal career advancement, he said.

But even before the re-launch, iCIMS was moving aggressively to expand its capabilities. Its May acquisition of Opening.io, an Irish data science company, spurred the launch of iCIMS Talent Logic to—wait for it—help HR, recruiters and hiring managers identify, connect with and hire candidates more quickly and efficiently.

Image: Altru Labs

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