Roundup: Releases Function to Spot AI-Generated Interview Responses

News Roundup

Our weekly roundup of deals, product announcements and other HR technology news. launched a new function that will detect and flag responses sourced by generative AI, like ChatGPT, in real time. According to the company, it will prevent candidates from using generative AI tools to respond to prompts in online interviews. Candidates will then be alerted and given an opportunity to change their responses, prior to submission.

VidCruiter acquired AI-startup Ingage Solutions. The company said the acquisition will enhance its interview intelligence technologies by expanding its interviewing platform’s real-time intelligence engine. Ingage’s ethical AI technology will improve interview performance, reduce the impact of bias, and contribute to more equitable hiring practices, all to ensure leading businesses can better identify top talent, the company said.

Equifax introduced a pre-employment verification solution designed for recruiting, retaining and engaging an hourly workforce. Called Talent Report, the product provides a “full view” of an applicant’s work experience in the hopes of supporting better-informed hiring decisions. According to the company, it will also help lower turnover and improve retention.

Fetti, a career site focused on Gen Z, launched the Fetti Hire hiring hub, which is meant to help companies of all sizes quickly list new job openings. There is no up-front cost. Fetti uses a social media-driven approach to recruiting and couples it with career advice and education. The company said it’s lowering the barrier to entry for employers that want to reach Gen Z.

AtlasJobs unveiled the People Map, a feature designed to help how companies discover and connect with talent within their organizations. The People Map acts as a supplement to AtlasJobs’ talent platform, enabling companies and recruiters to locate and connect with both potential candidates and existing employees across the organization.

Talent management company Neobrain acquired Flashbrand, a San Francisco-based HR performance platform which specializes in the continuous optimization of employee performance and engagement. Neobrain said with the acquisition it becomes a tool for continuous dialogue between employees and managers, continuous appraisal of individual and collective performance and real-time detection of unseen insights and risks. 

Upwork announced that Kelly Monahan has joined the company as managing director to launch the new Upwork Research Institute.

Last Week’s Top News

Talview Unveils Candidate Authentication Feature for Microsoft Teams

Talview launched a candidate authentication feature for Microsoft Teams. The product uses facial recognition technology and integrates with the company’s online proctored exam solution. Read more.

isolved Enhancements Take Aim at SMB Experience Demands

Employees continue to demand a certain level of experiences along with tools to help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. So, isolved plans to incorporate AI features into People Cloud in order to support SMBs as they increasingly look to leverage AI-based tools for their business. Read more.

Docebo Acquires Edugo.AI to Enhance AI Capabilities           

Learning platform provider Docebo acquired Edugo.AI, a generative AI-based Learning technology that uses advanced large language models and algorithms to optimize learning paths and adapt to individual learner needs. Read more.

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