Roundup: SwiftConnect Announces Alliance With Microsoft; Sense Integrates With WhatsApp

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The software platform provider SwiftConnect announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft to develop employee-centric experiences to, the companies hope, help solve changing workplace needs. SwiftConnect’s platform for commercial real estate and enterprise customers will provide access control signals for space utilization insights that help organizations reimagine workplaces.

DailyPay launched a new function within its platform. “Shifts Worked” helps hourly shift workers understand how much they’ve earned for each individual shift, and how much of their earnings are available before payday. The feature is an extension of DailyPay’s “Pay Balance” function and provides additional clarity and transparency to ensure all worked hours are accurately reported.

Sense announced the integration of WhatsApp for Sense Messaging, which is meant to help recruiters communicate with more candidates. The integration allows for 1:1 conversations and broadcast messages through WhatsApp while using the collaboration and intelligence tools built into Sense Messaging.

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Replicon unveiled ZeroTime, a time tracking solution that enables organizations to modernize their processes using with AI/machine learning technology. The product automatically captures employees’ work and time data across more than 100 work applications including some by Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Jira, Slack, Asana and Adobe.

UKG announced the UKG Diversity Accelerator Program, which funnels targeted support and resources to the diverse-owned and diversity-focused technology ecosystem. The goal is to help maximize supplier diversity in the HCM market.

Discrepancies between employers’ and employees’ workplace experience ratings are narrowing, according to WorkForce Software’s Second Annual Workforce Experience Gap study. However, the study also found that employers need to turn their awareness into action in order to fulfill employee expectations.

Businessolver, an SaaS-based benefits technology and services company, announced it has acquired Workterra, a benefits administration and enrollment platform.

Last Week’s Top Stories

Modern Hire Launches Tool to Assess Recent Graduates

Recruiting recent graduates has presented a problem for hiring teams, a situation Modern Hire means to address with the Graduate Virtual Job Tryout (VJT), a tool designed for entry level roles around the globe. An extension of ModernHire’s VJT simulation- and text-based assessment technology, Graduate VJT measures skill competencies as well as the likelihood a candidate will stay at a job. Read More.

WorkTango Seeks to Address ‘Quiet Quitting,’ Employee Disengagement

WorkTango, the employee experience firm acquired earlier this year by Kazoo, launched what it calls a “holistic, enhanced” version of its eponymous employee experience platform. The company also enables businesses to conduct employee surveys and collect other insights, as well as align their workers to a company’s goals via goal-setting and objective and key results tracking. Read More.

AMS Offers TA Software, Vendor Analysis With New Platform

AMS launched AMS Verified, an online platform that provides talent leaders with the company’s analysis of the talent technology ecosystem and AMS-approved software vendors. The idea is to keep a pulse on different talent technology needs in the market. Read More.

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