Roundup: Bamboo Adds to Culture Suite; LinkedIn Updates Hiring Process

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BambooHR announced an addition to their BambooHR culture suite called Employee Wellbeing which will assist job seekers in finding the ultimate employee experience as employers are taking a closer look at the people they need to help make business boom—their employees.  Employee Wellbeing aims to get to the heart of engagement, or what people need emotionally and intellectually to feel motivated, happy, and fulfilled in their work. Employee Wellbeing is designed to work in conjunction with BambooHR Employee Satisfaction – Employee Satisfaction is the smoke alarm and Employee Wellbeing is the investigation into what caused the fire initially.

LinkedIn launched updates that will help improve both sides of the hiring experience – by making it easier for recruiters to find talent, and ensuring a better feedback loop with candidates. These new features will help recruiters: find talent for roles more efficiently, send more personalized messages to candidates and expand skills-first hiring tactics to find untapped talent.

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Employees at small businesses in the U.S. experienced the 12th month in a row of increases in hourly earnings this May, but the pace of job growth slowed, according to payroll giant Paychex. The Paychex IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch for May 2022 indicated average hourly earnings of $30.31, up by $1.50 (5.19%) from a year ago. The Small Business Jobs Index, which measures the year-over-year rate of employment growth, declined 0.27% from the previous month to 100.87.

SumTotal Systems found that 65% of learning and development (L&D) professionals are concerned about their organization’s ability to meet skills demand over the next 24 months. Their study, carried out at Learning Technologies 2022, found that 60% of respondents are expecting new recruitment challenges to emerge due to global political unrest. For more than half (55%) of respondents, economic uncertainty has forced their companies to adapt recruitment processes. And although 64% of respondents believe the pandemic made the digital skills gap slightly or significantly better, just 12%  of businesses are very prepared and 26% somewhat prepared if skills shortages worsen post-pandemic. As a result, more than one-quarter of organizations describe their outlook for talent management in a post-pandemic business landscape as one of “continued uncertainty.”

Traditional leadership development tells us that 70% of learning happens through on-the-job experience, 20% though feedback and 10% through formal training. Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review over the past three years points to an alternative — and, they believe, more effective — framework for the process that emphasizes three actions: sensemaking, or understanding how the business world and the organization works around you; experimenting, or testing ideas; and self-discovery, or figuring out your own identity in the workplace. When implemented at HSBC this framework enhanced participants’ development.

PwC’s new Hopes & Fears survey shows that the “Great Resignation” is poised to continue as workers seek out higher pay, a greater sense of fulfillment, and the ability to be their authentic selves in the workplace.  While an increase in pay is a main motivator for making a job change (71%), wanting a fulfilling job (69%) and wanting to truly be themselves at work (66%) round out the top three things workers are looking for. Nearly half (47%) prioritized being able to choose where they work.

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